1. All About Snoring

    Snoring…It is a noisy business! A frequently asked question is do snore guard mouthpieces designed to stop snoring really work. The next questions is, do they help with sleep apnea? Snoring vs. Sleep Apnea To answer that, first we need to understand the cause of the snoring. Sleep-disordered breathing involves a blocked airway in the throat but may be much more than just a noisy nuisance. It may…Read More

  2. Science, Your Teeth and Your Body

    What if your teeth could tell you whether you were at risk for certain medical conditions? Recent scientific discoveries make it impossible to deny the importance oral health plays on your overall health and longevity and quality of life. Several recent archaeological findings and studies prove that there are more links between health, lifestyle, diet and your teeth than formerly understood, a cor…Read More