When you think of a perfect smile, you think of perfectly shaped, perfectly spaced, straight, white teeth. But the other half of a perfect smile: perfect gums. Cosmetic Gum Reshaping at New Look Dental can help! Good-looking gums are as important to the perfect smile as having consistently shaped, spaced, white teeth.

New Look Dental, led by Dr. Lousine Kirakosian, offers expert laser-correction of the gum line that visually sits too high or too low on the tooth. For instance, you may be a candidate for this technique if your gums cover a large portion of the surface area of your teeth, which can make your teeth look too short. The DENMAT SOL® portable diode laser gently sculpts away excess gum tissue, to create a more symmetrical, balanced look.

How It Works:

Cosmetic Gum Reshaping is an advanced cosmetic contouring method used to reduce the amount of gum tissue around one or more teeth. This technique visibly lengthens the look of the tooth or teeth treated.

In the past, this procedure would have been surgically performed with a scalpel or electrosurge. Today, it’s done with concentrated light, in the form of laser. The advantages of laser Cosmetic Gum Reshaping include:

  • Reduced blood loss during the procedure
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Faster, more complete healing
  • Less discomfort after the procedure

During your laser treatment, the dentist directs a narrow beam of intense light onto a tiny area of your gum, precisely removing overgrowth to reveal a longer silhouette of the tooth beneath. This elongating step is a popular esthetic option, and also may be recommended by your dentist when you’re planning to enhance your smile with cosmetic dentistry.

Health Benefits To Cosmetic Gum Reshaping:

Cosmetic Gum Reshaping may be your perfect go-to when you want to create a shapelier smile. In addition, Cosmetic Gum Reshaping may also be a useful option from New Look Dental to address inflammation of the gums, also known as gingivitis, or gingival inflammation.

Tips After Your Cosmetic Gum Reshaping:

  • Use a super-soft toothbrush
  • Avoid hard, crunchy foods with sharp surfaces (chips, ice, popcorn)
  • See your dentist immediately if you experience persistent pain or bleeding