Invisalign® is the modern solution for teeth straightening. New Look Dental, led by Glendale dentist Dr. Kirakosian, offers this innovative system when teeth need to be aligned for a more flattering smile. In addition to being more beautiful, teeth brought into in proper alignment can also help correct and prevent uneven tooth-wear, difficulty chewing, even headaches—so your gorgeous smile is actually healthier, too.

What Is Invisalign® Tooth Straightening?

Invisalign® is a tooth-alignment system that’s a quantum-leap improvement over traditional bands, metal brackets and wires. Our team at New Look Dental choose this sophisticated technology to effectively treat common imperfections including crowded teeth, overbite, underbite, crossbite, gap teeth, and open bite. It’s incredibly popular with kids, tweens and teens because it’s easy to use, and doesn’t look obvious, like other teeth-straighteners. The process starts with an exam, impression and Xray, and the result is a straight, even smile.

What Makes Invisalign® Unique?

• High-tech materials. Only the Invisalign® aligner is made from the proprietary material called SmartTrack®. Other manufacturers of clear aligners use off-the-shelf plastics, which is why they can’t offer the same microscopically accurate fit or feel. Many dentists choose Invisalign® because the superior technology and craftsmanship make it easier for the dentist to accurately anticipate the final result of the straightening process.

Why It’s Better:

• More in tune with today’s lifestyle. They’re easy to remove for eating and drinking. And with no brackets or wires to break, you can skip those emergency replacement visits.

• Less conspicuous. Most people won’t notice that you’re even wearing the device. New Look Dental custom-contours each aligner based on the patient’s natural gum-line, for a seamless look.

• Healthier for your mouth. Because the device is easy to take out and put back in, you can brush and floss as usual. This means healthier teeth and gums while your teeth are being straightened.

• Precision fit, precise results. The Invisalign® device is designed to align to even the smallest details of your teeth. This gives you a snug, sleek, modern fit to help straighten teeth in the shortest possible time. And because the device is so comfortable, you won’t be tempted to remove it or stop using it.

And You Don’t Have To Wonder If It’s Working.

You can even track your progress, because there’s a blue indicator on the device itself. This is a sure way to get the maximum benefit out of the Invisalign® teeth straightening experience offered by New Look Dental. Parents, check the blue compliance indicator to make sure that your child is using the aligner consistently.

To our valued patients: Please remember that everyone’s results will be different. You are unique, and so are your teeth. We look forward to consulting with you, and will provide our expertise in anticipating what procedures will be best to achieve your desired results.
Thank you! – New Look Dental