The presence of mercury in fillings has been a hot news topic since the 1980, sparking an interest in the removal and replacement of dental fillings made with mercury amalgam.

How Do I Know If I Have Mercury-Amalgam Fillings?

These fillings are typically described as “silver”, since the precious metal silver is what is visible. This type of metal amalgam filling has been in common use for decades. Over time, these fillings oxidize and appear black. While the black appearance of an oxidized filling is not a health risk in itself, a dark filling signals that the filling may contain mercury.

Separate from health concerns regarding mercury, many of Dr. Kirakosian’s patients prefer a more natural look. This may be achieved by replacing your silver filling with a newer composite resin, which can be exactly matched to your natural tooth color.

The material that’s best for your filling also may be determined by the size of the filling needed, and the location of the filling.

Can Silver Fillings Safely Be Removed?

Any filling can be safely replaced, but it important to be mindful of risks. All structural changes may potentially weaken the structure of the tooth. If you have a current silver filling which you’d like to replace, either because of your concern about mercury or simply because you want the natural look of tooth-colored resin composite, our dentist will consult with you about options and steps needed.