When making (and sticking to!) resolutions, your oral health is likely not top on your list. But, you will be surprised at these commitments can positively impact your smile.

Lose Weight

We recommend getting the go ahead from your doctor before starting a new diet or exercise regimen, but in general, both will benefit the body and mind, no matter how you slice it.

Whether you decide to start a whole new regimen, or just make healthy eating and hitting the gym more of a priority, both efforts can improve your oral health.

Regular exercise increases blood flow and has been shown to reduce the risk of gum disease. Eating healthier and reducing sugar intake will dramatically benefit your oral health by reducing your chances of getting cavities.

However, there are a few things to look out for while on your new weight loss path. When working out be aware if you breathe with your mouth open as it reduces saliva production which can cause dry mouth, cavities and tooth decay. Drink water while working out and avoid sugary, acidic sports drinks that can harm your teeth. Try retraining yourself to breathe through your nose, and if that’s not possible, talk to your doctor. If you are on a serious weight loss regimen, we recommend toting sugar-free breath mints as the chemicals released when fat breaks down can cause a bit of bad breath.

Stop Smoking

Stopping smoking can only benefit your oral health and appearance. Smoking not only stains teeth and causes bad breath, but causes inflammation, buildup of plaque and tartar, tooth and bone loss, plus, increases chances of developing gum disease and oral cancers.

Stop Drinking

Stopping drinking or limiting your intake of alcoholic beverages will minimize your exposure to enamel eroding acids, tooth decay-causing sugars and teeth-staining red wine.

Replacing alcohol with water will only improve your oral health, not to mention help slim your waistline.


Self-care that benefits your oral health begins with making sure you brush and floss the recommended two times a day for brushing and flossing once daily. If you have been reticent to get an electric toothbrush, invest in your smile with a Sonicare to support your new self-care resolution. For those of you who have never gotten the hang of proper flossing or, if you’re honest, have never made it a habit, investing in a Waterpik would be a great way to start now.

While you are at it, go ahead and schedule your dental cleaning, annual dental x ray, and any other dental procedures you have been putting off, such as that dental crown or root canal.

You can up the ante even further by treating yourself to teeth whitening or those dental veneers you have wanted for years. While neither is a necessity, they will make you feel amazing about yourself, and isn’t that what self-care is all about? No need to do an internet search for a “dental office near me”, just give New Look Dental a call to book your appointment or consultation, pronto!