The Basic Definition of Dentures

Dentures are sets of artificial teeth which replace missing teeth. If you have lost multiple teeth to advanced gum disease, for instance, a denture in some form may meet your needs.

The artificial teeth of a denture appliance serve both a functional and esthetic purpose. Maintaining a solid, even chewing surface makes eating and speaking feel natural and comfortable. And recreating an even distribution of the force of your bite while you chew helps to prevent jaw pain, headaches, and other problems potentially related to missing teeth.

This form of dentistry has come a very long way in recent times. Today’s dentures are made from thinner, lighter, stronger materials than those used in previous technologies, and allow a more comfortable fit. Our team of specialists will consult with you to explore and identify which options are best for your condition and budget.

Modern Dentures

New Look Dental uses a range of hybrid techniques to create the most modern denture options for patients. This expertise offers you a range of specialized solutions, since everyone’s needs are different. One option may be a partial denture, also referred to as a bridge. Partial dentures are designed to fill a gap between teeth, and are supported by healthy adjacent teeth.

Implant-supported dentures are an alternative to receiving multiple dental implants to replace missing teeth. As a restorative option, an implant-supported denture offers the longevity, resilience and seamless look of implants and reduces the number of implant sites required if each tooth were to be individually replaced. This approach minimizes your recovery-time following the procedure and reduces costs.

In addition to the durability and natural look of implant-supported dentures, there is scientific evidence that a dental implant may even help in stimulating bone-growth in the jaw.

Traditional Dentures

In the case of a traditional full denture, the denture is a plate of artificial teeth set into a realistic-looking gum line. The traditional full removable plate may be easily removed and cleaned; this type of denture requires the least invasive preparation and procedure. The traditional denture plate fits snugly into the soft tissue of your mouth, held in place on the gum by natural suction. They’re easy to keep clean, and are often the most affordable option.