While dentures and bridges have filled the gaps due to tooth loss for years, and continue to be a viable option, implant dentistry has revolutionized family dentistry and the cosmetic dental office.

Dental Implants Defined

Dental implants consist of titanium or zirconia posts or rods that are surgically implanted to replace tooth roots. This may range from single tooth replacement to multiple teeth replacements. A bridge or denture may also be attached to the dental implants.

The tooth implant fuses with the jawbone, known as osseointegration, making it a permanent alternative to bridges and dentures. Once healed, a prosthetic tooth is attached to the implantation.

Based on the location, amount of bone and tooth design, a dental implant dentist selects the best dental implants for the patient’s needs, choosing from a variety of sizes, designs, and types of dental implants.

For those unwilling to undergo dental implant surgery, lacking adequate bone mass, or unable to attend multiple visits to the dental office, they might consider mini dental implants, a smaller version of regular dental implants.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are a modern upgrade that offers a permanent solution to dentures and bridges. Before the development of implant dentistry, dentures and bridges were the only way to remedy missing teeth. Bridges and properly fitted dentures can work great, but if improperly fitted may slip or come loose. Note: If dentures require denture adhesive to stay in place, a dental office visit is recommended.

Below are the most significant benefits of dental implants:

  • Dental implants most closely resemble your own teeth in terms of appearance and function
  • Confidence is increased and youthfulness enhanced
  • There is no need to remove for nightly cleaning – a great time saver in this busy age
  • Worry and embarrassment about dentures coming loose and falling out is eliminated
  • Dental implants allow for the enjoyment of all foods, like steak, corn on the cob and apples
  • Oral hygiene and comfort is improved
  • Implants eliminate slipping while speaking and promote clear pronunciation
  • Dental implants are an investment that can last a lifetime

What motivates each patient to consider dental implants is specific to the individual. Whatever the reason, people who have worn dentures for years are likely to wonder why they didn’t get dental implants sooner.

Price of Dental Implants

One of the most frequently asked questions is about the cost of dental implants. Certainly, dental implant cost exceeds traditional dentures, but the confidence and quality of life they give is worth the investment. It is possible to find a cosmetic dental office that provides affordable dental implants. Rather than answering advertisements for cheap dental implants, choose a dental office with advanced training and proper certifications to receive the best expertise and value.