Let’s be honest! How many times have you looked at your teeth in the mirror and said, “I have to whiten my teeth” and decided to put if off for another day? Now is the perfect time to try something new that will make you feel confident in your appearance, and at-home teeth whitening is an powerful way to do that.

New Look Dental partnered with Opalescence by Ultradent due to their superior teeth whitening formulas and systems as their results and safety are unparalleled. We love offering Opalescence Boost one hour in-office teeth whitening as this is one of the quickest forms of cosmetic dentistry that gives our patients an instant dental makeover. But, for patients that want an option to improve their smiles with professional quality solutions from the comfort of their homes, Opalescence Go truly delivers!

About Opalescence Go

Opalescence Go includes professional strength whitening trays that are prefilled to take the guess work out of how much gel to use and makes using them simple and excuse proof.

They come in two strengths, either 10% or 15% hydrogen peroxide plus fluoride and potassium nitrate to relieve sensitivity and harden the enamel.

There are also two flavor options, mint or melon. Which strength you select can depend on your degree of staining and how long you will feel comfortable wearing the trays.

Unlike store-bought whitening strips that fit poorly and fail to adhere well, the trademarked UltraFit trays are made with a unique material designed to conform perfectly against your teeth to give you the perfect, even, whiter smile you desire.

Benefits of Opalescence Go
  • Unlike custom fitting trays, Opalescence Go trays do not require molds or impressions to be taken and can eliminate the need for a dentist appointment.
  • Thorough molar to molar coverage means that the gel will cover more teeth and that your entire surface area is lightened.
  • Two wear time options makes this at-home solution more user-friendly.
  • Two flavor options makes this treatment more adaptable to more patient’s taste preferences.
  • Opalascence Go sensitivity-reducing formulas deliver superior comfort, oral health and results that rival mass marketed whitening strips.
How To Whiten At Home in 7 Easy Steps:

You no longer need to wonder how to whiten your teeth – just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Peel foil on package open and remove trays (one for upper and one for lower)

Step 2: Position tray on teeth

Step 3: Bite down firmly and suck on the tray

Step 4: Remove (green) outer tray

Step 5: Suck down again

Step 6: Repeat steps 1-5 for bottom tray

Step 7: Set timer to be sure to wear trays according to the indicated and desired time:

  • Wear 10% strength trays for from thirty to sixty minutes for five to ten days.
  • Wear 15% strength trays for fifteen to twenty minutes for five to ten days.

You can stop Googling the “best teeth whitening products” and start whitening! Give it a try – because you are worth it! As your local teeth whitening dentist, New Look Dental is standing by to take your order and deliver your brilliantly whiter smile today!