In our previous blog post, we discussed some foods out there that you might want to bring into your diet – because some foods are better for your teeth and your dental care. In our last blog, we discussed water, meats, carrots, leafy greens, and cranberries (sugar-free!). Today, we’ll be talking about celery, gum, dairy, and tea – and all of the benefits these foods and drinks have to offer your oral health! Here are foods to add to your diet, provided by your local dentist!


Celery’s great as it aids in scraping away loose plaque that’s adhered to your teeth. Plus, as you might have noticed, celery acts like floss (although it often gets stuck between your teeth!). You’ll want to floss if you do get celery stuck between your chompers.


Sugar-free gum is great for teeth. Look for gum with xylitol and gum that is ADA (American Dental Association) approved. These gums  promote mouth cleanliness, and they make the body produce more saliva. Saliva maintains your enamel, and it washes away food debris and bacteria.


Dairy products are great because they contain – you guessed it – calcium! Milk is ideal for maintaining strong teeth and strong bones, and all dairy products contain some calcium! So go nuts on some milk and cereal – just avoid the sugary stuff!


Tea, like cranberries, contains polyphenols which keeps plaque from attaching to your teeth. Plus, since tea is mostly water, you’ll produce more saliva! Again, avoid the sugary stuff. Sugar gives bacteria a foothold on your teeth!