The dentist may be scary to some,  but for good reasons, you should be visiting your dentist at least once a year, if not more if you have chronic dental problems. Because we care about our patients, here are 6 great reasons you should see your dentist periodically.

The first sign that you should see a dentist is tooth pain. At the first sign of tooth pain you should visit your dentist. If you wait for the pain to go away on its own, a treatable problem could become more complicated. This also applies to the second reason to visit a dentist which is jaw pain. Jaw pain can occur for a variety of reasons such as sinus problems, teeth grinding or Temporomandibular joint problems. All of these can be diagnosed by your dentist.

A potentially embarrassing third reason to see your dentist is chronic bad breath. While bad breath can usually be solved by regular brushing and flossing, it can also be an early warning sign of gum disease. Another sign of gum disease and the fourth reason you should see a dentist is bleeding gums. Occasional bleeding gums can accompany increase in flossing pattern, but regular gum bleeding is a sign that you should visit a dentist.

The fifth sign that you should see a dentist is mouth sores. While some mouth sores go away on their own, others can be a sign of infection virus or fungus. The sixth reason you go to the dentist is cracked teeth. Cracks in your teeth can be painful, but are treatable by your local dentist.

Make an appointment with our dentist in Glendale today and have a happier smile and healthier teeth.