All About Lumineers

Many recall the obviously artificial looking teeth spoofed in many a comedy in years past that illustrated that the quest for stark white, unnaturally even teeth can overshoot the mark. That is why it is so important to choose the right cosmetic dentistry procedure and a good, trusted dental group. Lumineers are the # 1 requested, most natural and quickest type of veneers to turn your smile from so-so to spectacular.

Why Choose Lumineers?

Lumineers are the latest advancement in teeth veneers and considered to be the best way to conceal dental imperfections.

Due to state of the art digital design, Lumineers are thinner than traditional veneers and provide a seamless application. This, plus their translucent nature produces a much more natural looking smile.

The pitfalls associated with traditional veneers such as painful, invasive shots, the hassle of acrylic temporaries, permanent removal of a portion of your own teeth and the wait time for the final result, are eliminated with Lumineers.

Candidates for Lumineers

Lumineers are great for people who have one or multiple dental issues. They are a popular choice for those with stained or discolored teeth, regardless of the cause of the discoloration. Coffee, wine, and tea drinkers, as well as smokers, may find veneers to be a better long-term solution as they are less susceptible to stain than natural teeth.

People with a single tooth chip on up to several chipped or worn teeth are perfect patients for Lumineers.

Lumineers can even be used to correct teeth that are mildly crooked, have a gap or spacing issue(s). Thus, Lumineers serve as a potential alternative to traditional orthodontics for those who are seeking an immediate cosmetic solution.

Those seeking to correct their dental concerns quickly are ideal candidates for Lumineers as unlike traditional veneers, they can be completed in two easy visits, usually in a couple of weeks.

What is Involved?

An impression is taken of your teeth and then your dental mold, photos and records are sent to a specialized laboratory to create your Lumineers.

Within a couple of weeks your dentist will check the fit of your Lumineers, etch your teeth to ensure a lasting bond and then bond them to your teeth. Your bite will be checked to make sure it is balanced and that no chips will occur.

While traditional veneers require drilling, shots and acrylic temporaries, Lumineers do not which preserves the integrity of your teeth, is painless and much simpler.

Lumineers Costs

If you have wished for a perfect smile, but thought the cost of veneers was beyond your financial means, you might be surprised. Plus, financing is available for teeth veneers. Contact your dental office to schedule a consultation to learn about your options for a smile that will last decades.