Our goal at New Look Dental is to provide the most thorough preventive dentistry possible for everyone in your family. We pride ourselves on staying current with the latest information regarding oral health and using the most advanced tools and techniques for preventative gum and tooth health.

What Is Preventive Dentistry?

Educating and sharing information with our patients about the best ways to care for their teeth both at home and during dental visits, combined with delivering detailed yet gentle dentistry during dental cleanings, is what comprises expert preventive dentistry. Learn More

Why Preventive Dentistry?

The specific aim of preventive care is based on the fact that most dental issues, such as cavities, and gum disease, can be avoided with proper diet, oral hygiene both at home and in dental office, combined with regular dental checkups.

What Can I Expect During My Exam?

To ensure your optimal oral health, dental exams typically include a visual assessment, x-rays, a dental cleaning and oral cancer screening. The frequency of these services varies depending on the overall health of your teeth and gums, as well as your dental care habits.

For hygiene appointments at New Look Dental, your hygienist will use the latest Pro Select Platinum ultrasonic machine by Denmat, which uses lukewarm distilled water, antimicrobial mouthwash and requires no pressure for scaling. New Look Dental selected this machine because of its gentle effect on dental implants and ability to effectively clean the teeth. It’s superior to other commonly used devices for its efficiency and gentle effect on the gums and teeth and is composed of a titanium tip for added comfort. Learn More

During your dental x-ray in-office, multiple views will be taken of your teeth to determine if there are any hidden cavities or decay, while the utmost safety precautions are taken.

Next, we measure your gum pockets, checking to make sure there are no signs of gum disease.

Additionally, oral cancer screenings are conducted with the ViziLite PRO® Screening System and sensitivity along with enamel wear are also assessed. Learn More

To further help resist decay for both children and adults, fluoride treatments and dental sealants on molars are performed in efforts of preventing decay within the grooves. If decay is found, a tooth-colored, mercury-free dental filling can be completed promptly.

Our Commitment to Dental Health

For every procedure, we uphold the highest standards in sanitation practices for our patients.

As part of our ongoing efforts to encourage optimal dental hygiene between visits, we are happy to show you how to floss properly, and instruct in brushing techniques. Just ask us!

If we can help you have the healthiest smile possible for years to come, then we will have achieved our goal. Call us to schedule your next regular dental checkup today.