With masks starting to come off, people are focusing on their appearance now more than ever. If you have been pondering cosmetic dentistry to commemorate the great unmasking, you are not alone! Refreshing smiles is trending due to the Covid reopening and reduced masking restrictions!

Our family dentist practice is abuzz busily helping people improve their smiles with teeth whitening, Invisalign, tooth bonding and other smile makeover procedures like dental veneers or dental implants that are on the rise.

A Brighter Outlook

One of the quickest, most affordable dental makeovers is teeth whitening. New Look Dental offers professional Opalescence teeth whitening for the best teeth whitening formulas, strengths and flavors to achieve a brighter whiter smile. Their special formulas help preserve dental enamel and last longer than other lightening methods, making them the safest making most effective on the market. We’d love to treat you in-office, but, if you are still feeling anxious about leaving the house, we can provide Opalescence Go for teeth whitening at home.

Straighten Up

Invisalign is an ideal and natural-looking smile makeover method as teeth straightening with clear teeth aligners is undetectable with your mask off! Unlike subscription teeth aligners, Dr. Kirakosian provides in-person assessment of each patient’s smile, needs and concerns and utilizes patented Invisalign technology to yield optimal results. Our process to straighten your smile is easy:

Step 1: Our thorough face-to-face screening will determine if Invisalign is the right path for your teeth and gums. This includes expertly-rendered professional impressions of your teeth to ensure a seamless fit followed by an expertly designed treatment plan tailored just for you.

Step 2: Your custom aligners are made with special software and the highest quality, flexible material for a comfortable fit and quick results.

Step 3: You return to the office to get your new aligners and are then on your way to receive the straighter smile you deserve.

Step 4: Every 6-8 weeks you visit the dental clinic to review your progress. This chairside check-up is key to make sure you are on track and moving forward with your next set of aligners.

Unlike new online services that fail to adequately address bite alignment, tooth rotation, and challenging molar movement, Invisalign is chosen by dentists and orthodontists worldwide as it delivers the highest success rates and is backed by longevity. With the personal touch and unparalleled results, Invisalign braces from New Look Dental surpass the rest.

Restorative Procedures

Just as we are beginning to restore our world with the next chapter of the new normal, tooth restorations like tooth bonding, dental veneers and dental implants seem apropos. Patients who had put off restorative dental care during Covid, are making the scene as we venture out more, with some opting for dentures or partial dentures instead.

If tooth loss, chips or cracks are a concern, we look forward to assessing your teeth and gums to help determine the most effective path for you.

Book your dental appointment today for a consultation as spaces are booking up fast!