So, it’s been a while since you’ve seen your family dentist. We understand that fears about procedures being painful or costly may be keeping you from scheduling your dental appointment. As routine preventive dentistry can help avoid more invasive dental services and health issues, the team at New Look Dental is committed to providing caring family dentistry to make managing your family’s oral hygiene as easy as possible. We endeavor to offer comfortable dental solutions with an approach that is both convenient and accessible. As knowing what is going to happen can help put fears to rest, let us remind you what to expect when you visit our dental office.

To help make your care as comfortable as possible, we offer light sedation or numbing pain relief options to manage discomfort. We can also break up certain services into bite-size (pun intended) appointment slots and provide TV to entertain you during your procedure.

Just Ask Us

When we say we are available to answer any questions you have, we mean it! If you are wondering about timing, simply ask how long your appointment is expected to take. Once you know, you can budget ample time to get the kids back to school or return to work and feel calmer for a better experience overall. For those that already have anxiety about the dentist, this helps eliminate one more worry.

Don’t be afraid to ask for the estimated cost of your service when booking your visit. We provide competitively priced affordable dental to help address patients’ worries about fees, but knowing the fees ahead of time will eliminate unforeseen surprises. Or, if you have insurance, know your carrier, co-pay or deductible ahead of time, and let us know when booking your appointment. Depending on your plan, we may collect your co-pay at the time of your service or collect the balance once your insurance carrier has taken care of their portion.

We accept the following insurance plans:

  • Aetna PPO
  • Ameritas PPO
  • Blue Shield PPO
  • Blue Cross PPO
  • Delta Dental PPO
  • Cigna PPO
  • Guardian PPO
  • MetLife PPO
  • DentiCal/Medi-Cal Dental

As plans are subject to changes, be sure to provide details about your current dental insurance when scheduling an appointment so we can confirm if we are in-network and if your upcoming service is covered. Learn more about dental insurance here

We also offer CareCredit Dental Financing to enable patients to get smile makeovers and emergency dental care needs handled.

Prompt Preparedness and Safety Counts

Arriving a few minutes early and being prepared to check-in can help pave the way for a relaxed visit. Bring your valid picture identification, your insurance card and any forms we’ve asked you to fill out. If need be, allow time to complete requested forms in-office.

Our dentist office has always practiced the strictest sanitation and continues to follow the latest protocols as governed by the CDC. So, be aware that we may ask you to wear a mask upon entry to our office or allow us to take your temperature. If we need extra time to sanitize and set up, know that we are taking added precautions to ensure the utmost health and safety standards.

What’s Included?

From reception to your cleaning and dental exam, the team at New Look Dental will guide you through your visit. With every dental cleaning, you will be covered with a special paper “bib” to protect your clothes and given eye shields to cover your eyes. Your hygienist will ask if you have any new dental concerns and make a preliminary check of your mouth before getting to work. Then they will use an assortment of sterilized metal and ultrasonic tools to remove plaque and tartar from the surface of each tooth. We will floss your teeth to remove any interdental debris and use a water spray to rinse teeth throughout. With a special buffing paste and tool, your hygienist will polish your teeth and have you rinse once more. Your teeth will also be checked and measured for any gaps or pockets using a metal or ultrasonic periodontal probe. We record our findings to track your dental progress from visit to visit. X-rays are conducted yearly to determine if there are any underling issues with your teeth or supporting bone structures that need to be addressed.

Your cleaning will conclude with Dr. Kirakosian expertly assessing the health of your entire mouth, including an exam of your teeth, gums, tongue and x-rays. She will share her findings with you and recommend future dental care.

Feel free to let your dental hygienist know if you experience any discomfort during your dental cleaning. It is alright if you need to take a second to rest, relax your jaw, or need to spit. If you feel discomfort afterward, acetaminophen may help those who aren’t allergic or have medical contraindications. But, if you experience swelling in your jaw or intolerable pain, call us immediately.

Prevention Is Key

For those that dread the dentist and fail to get regular dental care, we have news for you! The longer you wait between visits, the chances are that you will need a longer deep cleaning to clear away plaque and tartar. Unaided, teeth develop more and more tartar that becomes harder over time. This makes it more challenging and sometimes uncomfortable to remove. Bleeding and pain are not uncommon when gums are probed and measured, but both resolve quickly.

Come see us sooner than later and stick to daily oral hygiene at home along with bi-annual routine cleanings, and in no time, those visits will get shorter and more tolerable. You will love how fresh your mouth feels afterward. In fact, some patients come in four times a year because they enjoy having smooth, clean teeth.

It’s A Wrap

At the end of your visit, we’ll schedule your next cleaning to help keep your smile healthy and your routine care on track. Scheduling follow-up visits right away is a great way to prioritize your health. For those that need fillings to fix cavities or a night guard and tooth bonding to address facial pain, chips, cracks or broken teeth, we will schedule your next appointment as soon as possible. If you decide to get professional teeth whitening or straighter teeth with Invisalign during your visit, we’re happy to schedule those cosmetic dentistry services at your earliest convenience. Either way, we look forward to seeing you then!