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February – 2012  

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For the entire month of February, New Look Dental is offering an incredible special for you and your Sweetheart. When you schedule an appointment for any teeth whitening service, your friend/significant other/special someone can get theirs for half off!

Let your most beautiful smile shine through! 

Your smile says a thousand things about you, and when you’re confident about your smile, it shows. Venus Whitening is the perfect way to boost your confidence and get your teeth up to seven shades whiter! No matter your lifestyle, Venus Whitening offers easy, healthy ways to obtain the perfect smile.  New Look Dental

For those who prefer the comfort of their home to the dentist office, Venus White Pro Take Home Whitening is the perfect option! Mint flavored and available in 16% and 22% carbamide peroxide strengths, Venus White Pro is used with a tray custom made by Dr. Kirakosian at New Look Dental, and contains potassium nitrate to minimize sensitivity. The Venus White Pro has capsules in a package and must be used every day for fourteen to twenty one days for maximum results.

Venus White Max is another option for teeth whitening. Offered as an in-office treatment at New Look Dental, Venus White Max is is fast, effective and perfect for those on the go. Syringe-to-syringe mixing chemically activates the product, ensuring a thorough mix and maximum freshness. For best results, two or three 15 minute treatments. Venus White Max can be followed up with Venus White Pro for even better results!


New Look Dental Lastly, Venus White Ultra is available for those who want the minimum amount of dentist visits. These pre-made, disposable trays provide once-a-day treatment for seven days. Mint flavoured and made of a thin material, Venus White Ultra Whitening Trays are designed mold around each tooth for maximum comfort.

 The best thing about the Venus Whitening systems is that they are customizable for each patients specific needs, allowing every guest to get the smile they desire in the best way for them!  

Call New Look Dental now at 818.334.3692 to see which Venus White system is the best for you and how it can improve your smile AND the way you feel about yourself!