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Summer is here! Get your brightest, whitest, HEALTHIEST smile at New Look Dental!
For the entire month of June, New Look Dental is offering $75 off any whitening service with a teeth cleaning!
Summer is all about gathering with friends and family for cookouts, barbeques, and great food! Unfortunately some of the most delicious foods that we eat during these warmer months can be the most damaging to our teeth.
New Look Dental Steer clear from candies that are sticky and leave traces of sugar behind, such as lollipops, gummy bears, caramels, and other chewy candies. Soda and sports drinks should also be avoided. Not only is soda high in sugar content, but both soda and sports drinks contain a high concentration of acids, which can cause irreparable damage to the protective enamel on your teeth. Not only are candies and sodas damaging to the overall health of your teeth, but they can also stain them! Starchy foods, like bread and potato chips can get trapped between your teeth and provide great fuel for bacteria to grow.
It’s hard to avoid the bad foods during the summer months when so many fun activities revolve around these foods. There are plenty of foods to eat that are good for the health of your teeth, and your body!
New Look Dental Fiber rich fruits and vegetables are easier to come by during the warm season and have amazing health benefits. They serve as a detergent in the mouth and help your body produce more saliva, which is your best natural defense against bacteria. Saliva neutralizes acids and contains traces of calcium and phosphate, which replaces minerals to the areas of your teeth that may have lost them. Dairy is great for teeth as it contains calcium which helps keep your teeth strong. Dairy is also a great saliva producer. Instead of reaching for a sugary cola drink, try having some unsweetened (or lightly sweetened) green or black tea. They both contain polyphenols which kill or suppress bacteria.
The most important way to have healthy teeth is not necessarily what you eat, but visiting your dentist regularly and practicing perfect at home dental care. Brushing and flossing a minimum of twice a day and seeing your dentist once every six months will help keep your teeth clean and healthy!
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