If you have been considering a smile makeover, we have matched the top dental concerns with the best cosmetic dentistry solutions available today to help correct what bothers you.

Discolored Teeth Solutions

Teeth whitening is the number one way to correct discolored teeth. There are a wide range of professional in-office and at-home solutions available, including custom and pre-filled trays and different strengths and flavor formulas.  New Look Dental uses Opalescence, due to the superior results their teeth whitening products provide.  For stubborn discoloration, porcelain veneers are a wonderful alternative. Learn More

Crooked Teeth Solutions

For crooked teeth, the first recommendation is braces. The first question when it comes to straightening teeth is always, “What is best, Invisalign or braces”? For those who can’t bear the thought of having metal brackets for a year or more, there are other options. While clear braces or brackets are considered by some to be an improvement over metal brackets, as they are less obvious, they can become discolored. Invisalign braces are the truly best option for those that are candidates. Thankfully, there have been many advancements with Invisalign teeth straightening that make it viable for people who previously were limited to traditional braces. There is also a second, quicker option for mildly crooked teeth that may help, and that is dental veneers.

Cracked, Broken or Misshapen Teeth Solutions

There are a number of choices for broken, cracked and misshapen teeth. For smaller fissures, or holes, sealants ban be used to fill in cracks. Porcelain veneers are the perfect camouflage for many chips or breaks. Lumineers can create beautiful symmetry for unneven teeth, fill in a gap and correct spacing. For a more signifiant broken tooth, a dental filling or crown is typically used to extend the tooth. Even more extensive breaks may require a root canal or tooth implant.

Missing Teeth Solutions

There a number of ways to address missing teeth. During your dental consultation, Dr. Kirakosian will assess the extent of your tooth loss, seek to understand your needs and provide information on dental implants, the types of dentures or dental bridge that is right for you.  If you are considering partial dentures or removable dentures, know that New Look Dental provides custom dentures designed to fit perfectly and eliminate the discomfort and trouble chewing associated with an improper fit.

Our dental office takes great pride in utilizing the latest methods, planning, and practices to ensure the best dental implant process and superior results. We conduct a thorough risk assessment to avoid complications.  Advanced 3D radiology and the latest types of dental implants, ensure optimal positioning, success and longevity. According to John F. Weston, DDS, cited in the Feb 2020 CDA Journal, “We can now predictably offer success rates of nearly 99% over 10 years  and 96% over 15 to 20 years.”

Should someone lack sufficient bone or soft tissue, we now have the ability to incorporate pink ceramic to create a beautiful, seamless aesthetic.  For those facing a full arch replacement, fixed dentures that combine dental implants and permanent dentures are another alternative worth exploring. Should you meet the requirements, with all of these combined advancements, dental implants are unquestionably today’s preferred tooth loss solution.

Whatever type of smile restoration you desire, rest assured that Dr. Kirakosian has the expertise to deliver stellar cosmetic dentistry. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to discover which options are right for you.