As a Glendale dentist, New Look Dental is fielding questions daily from patients inquiring if their upcoming dental appointments or treatments are safe and imperative in the face of COVID-19.

Amidst the evolving facts and changes, we understand how difficult it is to know what decisions to make about everyday activities, and want to be a valuable health resource by providing up-to-date information to simplify the decision about your dental care.

To assess the level of patient attitude and behavior surrounding dental visits during the COVID-19 pandemic, the California Dental Association (CDA) conducted a research study in June 2020, with over one thousand randomly-selected participants. The results indicated that 79% of dental patients who had a dentist appointment scheduled within the next six months are planning to follow through with their visit. Only 1 % planned to cancel, while 12% planned to reschedule.  Of those without an appointment scheduled, 70% of people surveyed indicated they probably would visit the dentist.

If like the 8% of the people surveyed, you aren’t sure if you will keep your existing appointments, check out our ‘‘What to Expect’ blog for detailed information on the safety precautions we’re taking to ensure our patient’s feel comfortable during appointments.

We hope that information and the answers below help resolve any uncertainty about the dental care we recommend to help each individual make the best decision for their personal health goals and plans.

COVID-19 and Dentistry FAQs:

Q: Should I postpone my dentist appointment?

A: We certainly empathize with our patients’ concerns and the rationale behind wanting to delay unnecessary appointments. Your fears are not unfounded, but living with the new normal we all must continue to engage in habits and best practices to take care of ourselves.

In alignment with our commitment to promote your health, New Look Dental does not recommend postponement, as the benefits of routine oral care are proven to positively impact your body.  At a minimum, we advise that you continue to receive your bi-annual teeth cleaning which is essential for helping prevent tooth decay.

When you come in for your regular appointments, we do more than clean your teeth. Dr. Kirakosian thoroughly examines your entire oral cavity and takes a dental x-ray once a year to determine if there are any health issues before they worsen. If we discern certain conditions early, this can help avoid complicated, costly and painful procedures down the road.

Q: Can’t we do a virtual tele-dentistry appointment instead?

A: To best support your dental needs or situation, New Look Dental offers in-office dentist appointments that give us a much better ability to examine, diagnose, recommend and provide the appropriate treatment. In addition to your regular dental cleaning, as your local Glendale dentist, we can perform all other indicated services as well, from teeth whitening, a tooth cap or dental crown, on up to a dental bridge, root canal, porcelain veneers or dental implants.

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